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Payment Options

We encourage prospective clients who need Asian art consulting and appraisal services to write ahead of time to discuss the merits of the three different art appraisal packages we offer and how to pay for our services.

Once you and our art expert decided on a specific art appraisal package, we request payment of a retainer proposed by our art expert before we start the project. We send you a brief engagement letter for your approval prior to an appraisal. After an on-site inspection or you supply high-quality photos, we analyze the work of art and conduct research on your art work, and present you the result of our research in writing in accordance with the format of the specific appraisal package you choose for your art object.

Please Contact Us, if you have any questions.

When the report is finished (delivery time depends on the nature of the art object and complexity of the research), we ask for final payment. Once the appraisal fee is paid in full, we send you the final art appraisal report via USPS. A faster delivery method (FedEx, DHL, and UPS, etc) is available at your cost.

We highly recommend that you take advantage of our scholarly expertise if you are looking for the quality art consulting and appraisal services. Our qualifications are unmatched in the field. A Self-Contained Appraisal Report conducted by Dr. Yang is the gem of our professional services.

How to Pay for Art Consulting & Appraisal

Option 1: We prefer certified check, money order and personal check made out to: WEI YANG ART, LLC, and sent to 274 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08540, U.S.

Option 2: A bank wire transfer is an alternative if your payment is over US$1,000. Please Contact Us for our bank information.

Option 3: Making payment via PayPal to contact@weiyangart.com is acceptable for previews but not encouraged for appraisals. If necessary, you need to bear the burden of paying the transaction fees charged by PayPal.

Please review the preconditions associated with each of the Levels of Art Appraisal before you commission any art appraisal service. If you are not very sure about what appraisal package to choose for your artwork, please Contact Us before you commission an appraisal. Our Asian art specialist will discuss with you the merits of our different appraisals and your needs, and help you figure out the right appraisa that works the best for you.

How to Sell Your Art Work

Today, selling artwork can be a big problem. Almost everybody finds it difficult to initiate a sale, and if they need help, there is the added headache of finding the right agent to represent them in the current art market.  Many people begin by contacting the famous auction houses, but very few owners receive an insightful response—sometimes no word at all. Others spend hours on the internet without any concrete results. Many owners end the process of trying to sell their art with no knowledge about whether their object is worth anything or where to place it for sale.  Do these frustrations sound familiar? 

The most important thing to remember is that in order to sell any art work, you need to posses solid information and formulate an educated strategy for sales. Our formal art appraisal serves two goals: 1) to provide the owner with the information needed to understand and appreciate the art object; 2) to suggest a clear strategy for achieving your goals. This is why you should commission an art appraisal from a qualified art appraiser 

Selling Your Art Work at an Auction House might help you better understand why your art works are rejected by auction houses and how to approach the art market.

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