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Wei Yang, Ph.D. in Chinese art & Tibetan Art , is an Accredited Senior Appraiser in Asian art (ASA) designated by American Society of Appraisers. She earned a B.A. in art history, Asian art from Smith College (Northampton, MA) and a Ph.D. in Chinese art and Tibetan Art from Northwestern University (Evanston, IL). She received a certificate of Fine Art and Decorative Arts Appraisal from Prett Institute (New York) and two specialty designations, Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) in Asian Art and Appraisal Review and Management (ARM), from American Society of Appraisers. Dr. Yang specializes in most forms of Asian Art, with a focus on Chinese art. She is particularly strong in fine arts, such as classical Chinese painting and calligraphy, ceramics, jade, antique furniture & textile and decorative arts.

She is a lifelong Chinese art educator and writer (Books by Wei Yang).

Dr. Yang has served as independent Chinese art historian, Chinese Art Appraiser, Review Appraiser and Expert Witness for litigation. She brings integrity, professional training, competence in multiple fields, and impartiality to her work.


-Fine Arts, Ceramincs, Decoratives & Buddhist Art

Wei Yang, Ph.D., earned a designation of Accredited Senior Appraiser in Asian Art (ASA-Asian Art) from the American Society of Appraisers in 2010 and second designation of Accredited Seinior Appraisal in Appraisal Review and Management (ARM). She has been serving as a member of the Board of Examiners (Asian Art) for the American Society of Appraisers since 2017.

-Asian Art & Buddhist Art

Wei Yang received a B.A. in art history in 1997 and an M.A. degree in Asian art in 1998 from Smith College. Her training includes Japanese woodblock prints and decorative arts, Korean literati painting, and Buddhist art in India, China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, the Himalayas and Central Asia. Her broader work on Asian art is founded on her research on painting methods and sculptural technique, art criticism, cultural history and religious interchange among different cultures. Over the past thirty years, Dr. Yang has worked with museum collections all over the world and conducted field research throughout Asia. This breadth of experience provides a unique foundation for her current practice.

-Asian Art with a Focus on Chinese Art

Wei Yang limits her appraisal practice to the areas in which she has received advanced degrees, conducted research and undertaken in-person investigation. Although she is accredited as Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) in Asian Art more broadly by the American Society of Appraisers, she defines her proficiency more narrowly. She appraises most forms of Chinese art (except for bronzes) and appraises other forms of Asian art for which she is qualified, including woodblock prints, fine arts and decorative arts from Japan and Buddhist art from India, China, Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, Korea and Japan.

-Chinese Art

Wei Yang, Ph.D., provides expert witness services concentrating on Chinese art, particularly Chinese classical panting and calligraphy prior to 1911, which was the focus of her Ph.D. training and dissertation topic. She has served as consulting expert and testifying expert for litigations concerning insurance settlement and taxation.

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