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Where to Buy Collectible Chinese Art

Buying Local is the best investment strategy. While reaching out to the European and Chinese art market has been durdensome, many investors forgot that gold is right under your nose. Buying a fine Chinese art work at a price under the market value is feasible if you are sincere and willing to pay a solild and clean price. As a Chinese art adviser and Asian Art Consultant and Appraiser, I have encountered many art owners of fine antique Chinese art pieces who wish to sell their family heirloom for a fair price. These folks are decent, honest and fair. They are not looking for a getting rich quick opportunity, but desire for a fair sale of their inheritance. The most important virtue of this direct owner-buyer relationship is that most items you buy have a desirable provenance, a value feature that will contribute to the value of the art work in question.

Be alert to the false provenance. Some people would claim an item from a yard-sale as a family heirloom or sell a fake as a genuine piece. Like we sell our house, we ask the real estate agent to negotiate the deal on our behalf for a fee. In my professional opinion, engaging the services of an independent sales agent would be wise, since the agent will investigate the art work and its provenance on your behalf before making a purchase recommendation. By working with an independent art agent, you will enjoy certain levels of certainty or protection in the purchase procedure.

Understand the Problematic China-Based Art Market. Many art owners ask me about the possibility of selling their Chinese art work in the China-base auction houses. Encouraged by some art market reports, most believed that selling Chinese antiques in China is a fabulous investment opportunity. While aiming for providing sound marketing guidance without hurting the feelings of these enthusiastic Chinese art sellers, I often comment on the current China-based art market in an euphemistic way: "Know the market before you enter it." Since I am in a complete agreement with Abigail Esman's analysis of the China-based art market in her thoughtful piece, China's $13 Million Art Fraud --And What It Means to You (Forbes, Aug. 13, 2012), I would enourage Chinese art sellers or buyers to read the article before you dive into the China-based art market.

Art Value, Market & Appraisal

The most important thing to remember is that no matter what your plan is, understanding what you have for the market or what you need to know before you approach the market is a top priority. Educating yourself about the current Chinese art market, possessing solid information are fundamental. Seeking professional advice or commissioning an independent art appraisal from a qualified art expert is practical.

Today, either selling an art work or buying a fine Chinese painting and calligraphy is more difficult than ever. For sale, almost everybody finds it difficult to initiate a sale in the current art market. A lot of art owners have no clue what they have and where to start. Many people begin by contacting the famous auction houses, but very few receive a helpful response—sometimes no word at all. Others spend hours and hours on the internet without any concrete results. For purchase, if your budget does not allow you to engage Christie's and Sotheby's services, you need to deal with the uncertain authenticity of art works offered at 2nd or 3rd tier markets. You are left alone with all purchaser's responsibilities, ranging from identification, authenticity and value estimate. You may wonder, does the art work I like really worth that much? Do I get a bargin price for what I buy from a regional agent or dealer? Many Chinese art seller and buyers end the process of searching for solution or certainty, since it costs them too much time, energy and emotion. Is it too hard to find a new home for my art work? Where can I find somebody who can guide me through the process? Is my art work worth the time and money I spend on an appraisal? Nobody wants to spend hard-earned money on an art object that is of very limited value or no value. Do these frustrations sound familiar to you? In order to target these practical issues and provide Asian art owners with guidance and options, Asian art specialists of WEI YANG ART, are committed to offer solutions to your problems at the minimum cost

WEI YANG ART is a professional Asian Art Consulting and Appraisal Firm located in Princeton, NJ, U.S. We aim to provide our clients with the information they need, the services they desire, and the advice they deserve at the minimum cost. We pledged to follow the regulations and comply with the code of ethics for appraisers in our Asian art consultation and appraisal services.

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