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By providing a preview option, we aim to make our Asian art consulting and appraisal services accessible and affordable to more people. Preview is structured to help art owners understand what they have and whether it is worth investing in a proper appraisal. Most Preview results consist of 4 or 5 sentences discussing what the object is, when or where it might have been produced, by whom, and whether it would be worth commissioning an appraisal or not. Please note (as explained below) that Preview is neither appraisal nor authentication.

With apologies: we are unable to respond to most calls and e-mails. We strive to be friendly, helpful, and generous, but we have our limits. Unfortunately, we can no longer attend to every inquiry without being compensated for our time. Every day, we are deluged with inquiries about authentication, identification, and valuation. Questions include: Can you tell me what I have? Is it authentic or valuable? Can you translate the writings or seals on my object? Where and how can I sell it? A quick response to these questions is not possible, since each artwork is unique. Even simple questions require preliminary research (or more) and involve weighing different approaches.

All preview requests will be handled by Dr. Wei Yang, a Ph.D. in Chinese art history and an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) in Asian art & Appraisal Review and Management (ARM). Dr. Yang is an independent Chinese art historian, art appraiser, review appraiser, having been serving as expert appraiser, Chinese art consultant and testifying expert witness for litigation since 2015. She serves her clients with integrity, professional competence in multiple fields, and impartiality.

Dr. Yang specializes in Asian Art, with a concentration on Chinese art. She previews most forms of Chinese art (painting and calligraphy, ceramics, Buddhist art, jade, antique furniture & textile and decorative arts). No matter what you have or what you wish to accompolish, Dr. Yang will help you find the needed information, figure out your best option and make an informed decision based on facts. Dr. Yang gives equal attention to each preview inquiry in a timely manner, and offers reliable informaiton and practical solution to owners of the property under preview. She intends to help the owner achieve his or her goal at the minimum cost.


-Practical, Cost-effective and Informative

Before committing to an appraisal, requesting a preview is practical, cost-effective, and informative.

Practical : Preview judges whether your property is suitable for appraisal or not, since not every property is worth your expenditure and a professional’s extended research

Cost-Effective: Preview is relatively inexpensive and eliminates unnecessary costs for appraisal, provenance verification and market research

Informative: Preview offers the tentative judgment of an Asian art specialist about the nature of your property (Identification, date of creation and market potential), and whether a proper appraisal would be worth the further expense.

-Pay for Preview ($50/item), Identify Your Need and Send Photos

Step 1: Make preview payment ($50 per item) to via PayPal; or mail a check payable to “Wei Yang Art, LLC” to 274 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08540.

Step 2: Submit 3 or 4 photos of the property (front, back, top, bottom, close-ups of inscriptions or seals) via email attachment.

Step 3: Provide basic details about a) Your needs: Why are you ordering Preview (for sale, insurance, estate planning, taxation, etc.)? b) The provenance of the object (a short history of ownership), c) The condition of the property (good, fair, poor, describing damage, if any)

The Preview fee will be credited to your account if you later proceed with an appraisal; if we are unable to provide a Preview, your fee will be refunded.

You will receive Preview comments within 3 business days (72 hours) except for requests made on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. If you fail to hear from us after 3 business days, please Contact Us at: immediately.

-Our Preview Comments Include:
1) Identification & date of creation
2) A brief statement on market appreciation
3) Recommendations: no appraisal or for appraisal, depending on your needs

-Preliminary Preview Options

A Preview is NOT an Appraisal. Our preview comments represent our expert’s opinions on the suitability of your artwork for appraisal. A Preview does not state a price, price range, or value (e.g., Fair Market Value, Insurance Replacement Value). Assigning a specific value to an artwork (which is the goal of a proper appraisal) requires in-depth research, proper identification of value features possessed by a property, consideration of comparables, and use of other appraisal principles and methodologies.

A Preview does NOT meet the requirements for insurance and taxation documents . Information included in a Preview is not sufficient for insurance and taxation, which require a qualified appraisal.

A Preview is NOT a certificate of authenticity. Normally, we refrain from commenting on the originality of an artwork. Statements in a Preview cannot be considered as a certificate of authenticity.

-Certificate of Authenticity

We neither provide art authentication service nor issue any certificate of authenticity.

We aim to provide you with quality professional Chinese art consultation and Asian art appraisal services at a cost you can afford.

Need quality Asian art consultation and appraisal? please Contact Us, OR call us at (609) 688-6891.

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